Who is lobbying for Poland in the US?

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I read with great interest the speeches of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Zbigniew Rau, on the priorities of Polish foreign policy. It was addressed to all Poles in Poland and abroad. That's why this column was created.

The war in Ukraine and the sense of threat made Polish diplomacy more active. The nations of the eastern flank behave in a similar way, and the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO only confirms the fact that we are not alone in our assessments when it comes to the threat of aggression from imperialist Russia. Therefore, the most important priority of Polish diplomacy is to ensure security for Poland and Poles. Security being understood in its every aspect: in the international space, energy security, food security and military security.

The essence of constructing security is the alliance with the United States and our membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The policy of strengthening the alliance and the policy of strengthening the American presence in Europe, and in particular on NATO's eastern flank, is Poland's raison d'état today. To this end, cooperation with all friends of Poland in the United States is essential.

The White House, Washington, D.C. (Source: Wikipedia)

Israel, as one of the greatest allies of the USA, has the best lobbying in the world, which strives daily to make Israel the most important ally of the USA. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the largest professional lobbying organization dedicated to influencing American policy and legislation to make it friendly to Israel. As The Guardian editor Chris McGreal writes in the article "Pro-Israel lobbying group Aipac secretly pouring millions into defeating progressive Democrats", AIPAC has blocked progressive Democrats sympathetic to Palestine.

This is what professional lobbying that cares about the interests of its country looks like and it is worth learning from them. It is worth noting that the most important American politicians, including American presidents, congressmen and senators, make pilgrimages to the AIPAC conventions.

What Polish interests could the Polish lobby protect if it existed? In the USA, about 10 million American citizens still voluntarily identify themselves as Polish ethnic group, and this is much more than the group of American Jews, which is estimated at 7.6 million US citizens. The difference, however, is that it is the government of Israel that encourages its diaspora to act, and not only declaratively.

In his expose, our minister did not mention anything about lobbying in the US. In Warsaw, Polish lobbying does not function as a priority or takes ridiculous forms.

The Prime Minister Morawiecki said, in turn:

Our relationship is the best ever…. We are talking about strengthening our military, political and economic cooperation. Polish nuclear in cooperation with American suppliers will strengthen our energy security. Our goal is a strategic partnership with the United States.

The end of the conflict in Ukraine, analysts say, is close. What will the Americans do? Will they abandon the eastern flank or will they entrust the leadership of Europe to Germany? It is important to ask ourselves this question: shouldn't we Poles have a group similar to AIPAC in the United States?

The text was originally published in «Tygodnik Solidarność».

Translated from Polish by Andrew Woźniewicz.


Waldemar Biniecki

Let's look a little deeper into what the Heritage Foundation does now? The answer to this question is simple and can be found in a laconic slogan: "Project 2025".


Maybe it's time for a third option? Gallup poll shows that as many as 63% of Americans would like a third party, and this opinion is shared by 75% of independents and 58% of Republicans.


It is high time to unite all political, economic and military resources around building a strategy leading to the elevation of national security to the level of Poland's key priority. Poland has not yet been able to develop a national long-term strategy for development and national security.


The dynamics of geopolitical processes, both in Europe and on a global scale, today forces Poles to take a new look at the definition of our raison d'état. Its constituent elements will remain: independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, state security, maintaining national identity, and connecting Poles in Poland with Polish emigration into a coherent and mutually understanding whole. If we, Poles, do not undertake such a debate today, others will certainly do so. The era of the Tehran-Yalta order is over.


Today, in order to maintain Polish identity in the US and build pro-Polish lobbying, weekend voluntarism is no longer enough. It is necessary to professionalize Polonia and attract its intellectual base.


Polish consulates in the United States encourage you to support the efforts of Arkadiusz Mularczyk, MP and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who held a series of meetings with senators and congressmen in the US Congress. The purpose of these meetings was to obtain support in two aspects: assistance for Ukraine and assistance of the United States to support Polish claims for German reparations for Poland.


It's time for Poland, with the participation of its diaspora, to lead an effective campaign entitled, for example, "Historical justice for Poland".


An attack against one is an attack against all. It’s a sacred oath. A sacred oath to defend every inch of NATO territory.

Are We Assertive Enough?
Waldemar Biniecki

The tragedy in Przewodów and the death of two Polish citizens clearly showed the scale of problems in bilateral relations between Poland and Ukraine.