A small village in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, in the Pałuki region, in the district of Żnin. Known all over the world, it is undoubtedly the most famous archaeological site in Poland. Each of us should certainly visit Biskupin at least once in our lives. Because it really is worth it.

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The Holocaust narrative often overlooks those who tried to help Jews survive the Holocaust. 'I hope that my book on the Ładoś Group will be an important addition to the international opinion on Poland's response to the Holocaust.'

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He always put the nation above the state because he believed that Polishness was a more permanent entity and much more deeply rooted in reality than any administrative structure created by citizens.

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Although the feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated throughout the world by the Catholic Church, it still has a vibrant and rich tradition in Poland. Despite always falling on a Thursday, it is a public holiday and the streets of Polish towns and villages are filled with colourful processions to the four altars. Parishes take care of their beautiful surroundings.

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Auschwitz - Remembrance and Education
Andrzej Kacorzyk, 5/23/2024

Auschwitz is first and foremost a truth — a multi-faceted truth. It is like a complex jigsaw puzzle, creating a unique polyphonic image of the Remembrance of Jews, Poles, Roma and all other groups of Victims. Auschwitz is also the story of the perpetrators.

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The May 3rd Constitution in the Polish Culture
Maria Wąchała-Skindzier, 5/23/2024

The impact of the 3rd of May Constitution was so strong that, for us Poles, it became a symbol of love for freedom and the homeland during the years of the partition of Poland and even later. For two centuries it captured the imagination of writers, artists, architects, thinkers and social activists.

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For many of those who emigrated for independence, the Battle of Monte Cassino did not end in 1944. Their war lasted much longer and often ended tragically. Nevertheless, the legacy of the heroes survived and is still alive today,

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In 2024, two important anniversaries for Poles coincide: 80 years since the victorious battle of the 2nd Polish Corps for Monte Cassino and the 50th anniversary of the death of the one thanks to whom the heroism of the soldiers of General Władysław Anders was recorded with journalistic reliability for future generations.

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Dr Karol Nawrocki, President of the Institute of National Remembrance, visited London to meet with Polish community living in Britain, unveil the exhibition “Trails of Hope. Odyssey of Freedom”, the fate of Poles during World War II and give a lecture entitled „Polish history without secrets”.

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A female doctor with Polish roots played an important role in the American history of medicine in the 19th century. Americans owe Dr. Zak modern treatment standards and the founding of the first women's hospital.

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Understanding this historic and unwavering Russian expansionist commitment should help us formulate a winning strategy for stopping them in Ukraine today, the strategy that is missing in our debates. Believing that we can appease Russians with anything is a mistake. They consider any appeasement a sign of weakness, and it motivates them to continue their conquest.

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