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The conference in Davos is a meeting of the heads of the world's richest corporations, political leaders and carefully selected intellectuals and journalists.

The World Economic Forum is believed to be dominated by corporations and influences global decision-making, so it is viewed by critics as an unelected, undemocratic, elitist, confidential world Senate.

President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen and the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab (Source: World Economic Forum)

A huge surprise this year was the participation of Kevin Roberts, president of the largest conservative American think-tank "Heritage Foundation", at the conference. Kevin Roberts confronted global elites by saying directly: "With all due respect, you are part of the problem."

Let's look a little deeper into what the Heritage Foundation does now? The answer to this question is simple and can be found in a laconic slogan: "Project 2025".

The project is a specific plan of what to do after the Republican candidate wins the elections that will take place on November 5, 2024. It is supported by over 80 conservative organizations and other think-tanks from across America. The Project Document was created in 2022 and consists of 920 pages divided into 4 main pillars. The project has a budget of $22 million. Many former officials and advisers from the previous Donald Trump administration are involved in writing the project, including: Jonathan Berry; BenCarson; Ken Cuccinelli; Rick Dearborn; Thomas Gilman; Mandy Gunasekara; Gene Hamilton; Christopher Miller; Bernard McNamee; Stephen Moore; Mora Namdar; Peter Navarro; William Perry Pendley; Diana Furchtgott-Roth; Kiron Skinner; Roger Severino; Hans von Spakovsky; Brooks Tucker; Russell Vought; and Paul Winfree. The director of the project is Paul Dans, former "Chief of Staff" in the Trump administration.

Cover of the Project 2025 program book (Source: Project2025)

Project 2025 consists primarily of a book of recommendations for new conservative policies titled "Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise" and an accompanying database of staff from across the United States to which submissions can be submitted.

We are all probably aware of the fact that since January 20, 1993, i.e. since the beginning of Bill Clinton's government in America, there has been a "march through the institutions." This applies primarily to federal agencies. So today, for example in the case of the southern US border, federal agencies that are obliged to defend the United States, such as Homeland Security or the FBI, are completely helpless in this matter.

The 2025 Presidential Transformation Project paves the way for an effective conservative administration based on four pillars: a policy agenda, a presidential staff database, the Presidential Administration Academy, and an exercise manual for the first 180 days of the new administration.

The plan is met with criticism from radical Democrats and Republicans themselves. At the time of writing, the following people remain in the battle for the presidential nomination: Nikki Haley (she withdrew in March this year - [editor's note]) and Donald Trump.

Everything indicates that despite 91 cases in various courts against the Republican candidate, he will clash with Joe Biden. Whether Trump will use Project 2025 depends on Donald Trump himself.

If Trump decides on a policy of isolationism with the United States leaving NATO, it will bring completely new threats to Poland. That is why we must finally start building professional, pro-Polish lobbying in the United States.

Translation from Polish by Andrew Woźniewicz.

Polish elites in Warsaw are increasingly using the term "conflicted Polonia", which is a narrative created in Warsaw by the "good change" elites to camouflage their incompetence in working with their diaspora.


The war in Ukraine and the sense of threat made Polish diplomacy more active. The nations of the eastern flank behave in a similar way, and the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO only confirms the fact that we are not alone in our assessments when it comes to the threat of aggression from imperialist Russia.