The Turning Point
Waldemar Biniecki , 12/20/2022

Germany, not wanting to allow any alternative geostrategic project to be created in the eastern part of Europe, is successively blocking the flow of funds to Poland to prevent the construction of a competing construct: North-South.


The threat of China’s political, military, and economic power continues to grow, rapidly moving toward existentially dangerous levels. In comparing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) between the United States and China, the increasing magnitude of the communist country’s threat is clear.


"Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy " — is the title of a study by Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and his team at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute at Yale University, which has just been published but hardly noticed by the mainstream media somehow.

Waldemar Biniecki , 7/14/2022

Central and Eastern European countries want to strengthen NATO's eastern flank, they want a project to build a North-South infrastructure. Building strength means a strong army and a strong economy. So let's focus on these priorities.

The Historical Chance of the Intermarium
Waldemar Biniecki , 6/16/2022

Before the countries of Central and Eastern Europe — and maybe even more broadly, including the Scandinavian countries, and some countries of southern Europe, all the way to Turkey — in connection with the ongoing war in Ukraine, there is a window of opportunity to create a geopolitical project, the idea of ​​which has been alive since the times of Marshal Piłsudski.

Orbán Survives
Konrad Tademar Wilk , 4/24/2022

Throughout the 20th century, a Socialist voter was usually from the working class, from the lower class and, in cases of Eastern Europe, from the Peasants Parties (those peasants who had no land) — These are exactly the kind of people who support Orbán. The uneducated, the under-educated, the poor, the lower class and the peasants. All of Orbán’s policies are in fact Socialist.

The Fourth Russia
Waldemar Biniecki , 4/12/2022

According to more recent research from 2020, 24.6 percent of Russia's population of 36 million had incomes below the national average. This means that a quarter of Russia's population can be classified as low-income, which, according to international methodology, means that they are at risk of poverty


On February 24, 2022, Russian troops entered Ukraine. The war which, according to intelligence analysts from the USA, Germany and France, was to last 4-5 days and end with the occupation of Ukraine and the complete subordination of Ukraine by Russia, and perhaps even the erasure of the name Ukraine from the map of Europe, began.

Children of the Dictators... Hush!
Waldemar Biniecki , 4/7/2022

Children of dictators and their education is the subject of interesting studies and books showing the hypocrisy and cynicism of dictators, various world warlords, and their close associates who, criticizing the West, invest in their children, providing them with education, security and a prosperous life in the West.

Stop Putin and His Propaganda
Waldemar Biniecki , 3/28/2022

If we want to remove Russia from influencing politics, the European and world economy, we must first of all begin to win over the media in the world and start a campaign of telling the truth about the expansion of imperial Russia from the tsarist times, and the mechanisms used by imperial and Soviet Russia with respect to the conquered lands and nations .

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Geopolitical Mistakes
Waldemar Biniecki

The US administration announced the lifting of sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which is a breach of the double sanctions voted on by the American Congress with the support of Republicans and some Democrats. Nord Stream 2, like Nord Steam 1, is a geopolitical project that significantly affects international and European security, further dividing Europe into two parts.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO ) is a military treaty established on August 24, 1949. The purpose of NATO at the time of its creation was military defense against attack by the USSR and its satellite states.