The seventh day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops

Own correspondence from Wrocław, Poland

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Ukraine continues to put up stiff resistance to the invaders. Several of the largest cities continue to defend themselves. I hear conflicting information hour-by-hour. The Russian media provide completely different data on the killed and wounded than the Ukrainian ones. It is difficult to find information about Ukrainian losses.

Source: Twitter

The emotions in the media are so great that the data is not always being validated at the source. The capital of Ukraine — Kyiv — is a city with a population of three million, determined to defend itself, so conquering it will not be easy. Kharkiv survived last night, although civilian buildings, hospitals, and administration buildings, including the university building, are under attack there. Mariupol is defending itself.

Today, the shelling of other cities has also increased, including Odessa, which is an important Black Sea port. All the efforts of the Ukrainian troops are aimed at not being cut off from the communication routes to the west.

The European Commission is imposing ever wider economic sanctions on Russia. Today, there was talk of blocking the import of Russian coal and hydrocarbons not only in to the EU countries, but also to Australia. These sanctions will soon be felt by everyone: Putin, the oligarchs, but also ordinary citizens, for whom there will be no cash in ATMs, and goods may be rationed in shops.

More and more refugees are gathering at the border crossings with Poland. Today their total number has exceeded half a million. In a Christian tradition, Poles share the roof over their heads with, give food to, and provide medical care to refugees. Wrocław is getting ready to receive them. Food and equipment are being stocked. Volunteers, among whom there are Ukrainians working here, Poles who speak Ukrainian and Russian, and everyone else, keep applying. The fundraising efforts for refugees are ongoing and the donors are very generous.

Everyone asks themselves: where is all this leading ..?

Translation from Polish by Andrew Wozniewicz.

The whole of Poland is involved in the action of helping refugees from Ukraine: the government, many cities, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The largest of them is Caritas Polska.


News viewership on various TV channels and on the Internet has grown rapidly. Everyone is looking for information about what is happening on the eastern Polish border and what is the situation in Ukraine.