Congress of the 60 Million in Miami

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The name of the Congress refers to the total number of Poles and people of Polish descent around the world. It is estimated that about 40 million Poles live in the country, while the remaining 20 million are scattered across all continents. Polonia has a huge potential and that is why it is so important that Poland does not lose ties with it.

Poster of the 60 Million Congress (Photo: Ania Navas)

This idea is supported by the activities of the 60 Million Congress. The precursor to the creation of this event was the "Pangea Conference", which was held a few years ago in Miami, and was later turned into a wider congress organization.

The organizers of the Congress of the 60 Million in Miami. From the left: Darek Homel, Zbigniew Klonowski, Gregory Fryc. (Photo: Ania Navas)

The main goal of the Congress is to organize a joint global meeting of Polish entrepreneurs residing in different countries of the world and to create conditions for international economic exchange, establishing cooperation with Poland and mutual support in business, as well as cultural and scientific activities.

So far, such meetings have been held in Miami, New York, Buffalo, London, Berlin, Gdańsk and Rzeszów.

Over 27 thousand people participated in them. The Congress is hosted in Miami for the fifth time. This is the thirteenth edition of this event, which took place on February 9-12, 2023, this time.

The Congress of 60 Million, or in other words, the Global Polonia Summit in Miami, means interesting people, fruitful international contacts, exchange of views on all topics concerning Poland and the Polish diaspora.

This year, over 250 representatives of business, politics, culture, science, and the media came to Miami. The guest of honor was the Consul of the Republic of Poland in New York, Mr. Adrian Kubicki.

Polish Consul in New York, Mr. Adrian Kubicki (Photo: Ania Navas)

During the Congress, a letter from Kamil Bortniczuk, Minister of Sport and Tourism in Poland, was read out:

There are no better Polish ambassadors than Poles living abroad. Therefore, it was with pleasure and satisfaction that I took the honorary patronage over the 13th edition of this event promoting Poland in the world and uniting the Polish community abroad.
This year, I invite you to participate in the largest sporting event in Europe, which will be the 3rd European Games Krakow Małopolska 2023 organized in our country. From June 21 to July 2, over 7 thousand competitors from 48 countries will participate in almost 30 disciplines, contending for the titles of European Champion and for the Olympic qualifications. We invite you to Poland.

Visits to Poland were also encouraged by the following entities participating in the Congress: Małopolska Tourism Organization, Kraków Airport, and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

One of the congressional panels on business leadership. (Photo: Ania Navas)

The topic of one of the congress panels was also the military and humanitarian aid provided by Poland to Ukraine, which is fighting against Russia's aggression. Andrew J. Futey, vice-president of the World Ukrainian Congress and president of UCCA, thanked for this comprehensive and unprecedented support.

Interesting accompanying events were also conducive to establishing closer contacts between the participants of the Congress:

  • an evening kick-off party at the Revive Clinic
  • a golf tournament 60 Million Golf Cup
  • a pleasant boat trip on the Bay of Biscay in Miami

Conversations behind the scenes and establishing new business contacts. (Photo: Ania Navas)

On Saturday, after the congress proceedings, the jubilee 50th "Polonaise Ball" was held at the "Eden Roc" hotel in Miami Beach, organized by the American Institute of Polish Culture in Miami. The founder of the Institute and its president is Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, who has been promoting Polish culture in the United States since 1972. She is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Miami.

"Ball Polonaise". From the left: Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, Andrzej Dera from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Beata Drzazga, owner of BetaMed SA in Poland, Adrian Kubicki, Consul of the Republic of Poland in New York. (Photo: Ania Navas)

This year's special event of the Congress was a trade mission to Puerto Rico. Its goal was to establish new business relations, increase the level of trade with the island (where the vast majority of goods are imported) and promote tourism between Puerto Rico and Poland, as well as the European Union. The key role in organizing the mission was played by the Polish Association in Puerto Rico headed by its president Łukasz Macniak and vice president Oskar Kowalski.

Trade mission in San Juan. Meeting with the Governor of Puerto Rico. (Photo:

A group of 30 Polish entrepreneurs from various fields of business went to San Juan with the hope of establishing lasting economic cooperation. “For the last two years, we have been importing a lot of building materials and furniture to the island,” said Lukasz Macniak, president of the Polish Association in Puerto Rico.

"Welcome Party" at the Revive Clinic, Miami Beach. (Source: Ania Navas)

At the end of the Global Polonia Summit in Miami, a short interview for Kuryer Polski was given by Zbigniew Klonowski, chairman of the Organizing Committee of 60MLN.PL:

This Congress is actually the culmination of five years of our activity. We did 13 editions in different places around the world. Miami is such a fixed point and we meet here for the fifth time.

Probably many people wondered: why Miami? Observing this city for the last 5 years, I must say that Miami is developing very quickly and from a place mainly for tourism, it is becoming a financial and business center. I think that Polonia sees it too. Beautiful weather is of course an additional advantage, so everyone is happy to come here.

With each Congress, people who participate in it more and more appreciate the importance of this event and better understand what this platform is for. It's all about business exchange and networking. New people who learn about us come here with specific goals and that is why we can boast about the better and better effects of our actions.

We are very happy that our group is growing and we have a chance to meet as Poles from Poland and from the United States and Canada, as well as from other countries in the world.

Our plans for the future include the organization of the Congress for the first time in Chicago, in September this year. However, after the interest from Poles living in Canada, we see that there is a clear need to organize one of the future editions of the Congress there.

The specific planned editions are:

  • Rzeszow July 13-15, 2023
  • Chicago September 14-16, 2023

You are welcome to attend!

Translation from Polish by Andrew Woźniewicz.


There are as many as 20 million people in the world who are proud of their Polish origin. All these people have a huge potential that needs to be combined to serve Poland in the world and help create a modern image of the country, Polish culture, science, art and economy.


ART BASEL MIAMI, started in 1970 by private gallery owners in the Swiss city of Basel, is a global art fair that connects artists, galleries, collectors and art lovers from all continents. Since 2002, traditionally at the turn of November and December, the fair has its edition in Miami, and since 2013 also in Hong Kong.


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