The Story of Kuryer Polski

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The original Kuryer Polski was the first Polish daily newspaper printed in the United States. Its founder was Michał Kruszka who published the newspaper in June 1888 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kuryer was created to raise the national awareness among Poles living in Milwaukee and to fight for their interests. Kuryer's motto was: representing Polish interests in America.

Later, Kuryer stood in stark opposition to the policy of the Archbishop of Milwaukee, Sebastian Gebhard Messmer, who was against the appointment of Polish priests in the hierarchy of the archdiocese. With the appointment of Father Edward Kozłowski as the first Polish bishop in Milwaukee, this long conflict ended and Kuryer continued to achieve success.

Its editors-in-chief were great Poles such as: Michael Kruszka (1888-1899); Franciszek H. Jabłoński, (1901-1905); Stanislaw J. Zwierzchowski, (1919-1928?); Czesław Dziadulewicz, (1928-1936); Józef Kapmarski, (1937-1940); Franciszek Plichta, (1958-1960); Jane Sorbogne-Boguslawski, 1961-1962.

On June 27, 1908, Kuryer Polski celebrated its 20th anniversary and was then the largest newspaper in Milwaukee, beating even American newspapers in this respect. At that time, the newspaper was 66 pages long and was distinguished by the excellent quality of articles and advertisements. It is worth adding that even then Kruszka published bilingual materials, which made this newspaper extremely attractive. Kruszka had a business education in printing.

His brother, Wacław Kruszka (1868-1937), who went down in history as the author of the amazing History of Poles in America, was a Catholic priest, Polish diaspora activist and journalist.

The original Kuryer Polski ended its run on September 23, 1962.

The idea of ​​reactivating Kuryer Polski arose in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which has always been an important center of Polish life. The so-called "old" Polish community still remembers the image of Kuryer as a newspaper standing up for concrete Polish causes in America.


Kuryer Polski was born in hardship and uncertainty, after all, its creator - Michał Kruszka, had already had two unsuccessful publishing attempts behind him. At the beginning of Kuryer's way, Michał was a truly Renaissance figure - the creator and executor of his idea. Soon he was supported in the implementation of his project by two brothers who came from Słabomierz - Józef and Wacław.


Historical documents confirm that the Polish people have always been associated with America. The list of great Poles who made an impact throughout the history of the United States is long. It begins with the semi-legendary “John of Kolno” who supposedly came to this continent 16 years before Columbus.

Our Mission and Goals
Waldemar Biniecki

Kuryer Polski is a continuation of the glorious, over 70-year-old tradition of the first Polish newspaper in America with this name, published in Milwaukee until 1962, reactivated as an internet portal in 2020.