Stop Putin and His Propaganda

If we want to remove Russia from influencing politics, the European and world economy, we must first of all begin to win over the media in the world and start a campaign of telling the truth about the expansion of imperial Russia from the tsarist times, and the mechanisms used by imperial and Soviet Russia with respect to the conquered lands and nations .

Throughout history, this mechanism has always been the same: brutal pacification of armed anti-Russian uprisings, confiscation of property of all participants, their extermination — often dispatch to Siberia. In this way, the elites of the conquered countries, the aristocracy and the educated, enlightened part of entire nations, were eliminated.

German propaganda poster about Katyn (Source: Wikipedia)

An excellent example showing this mechanism is "Soviet Story", an Estonian documentary filmed in 2008, about Soviet terror, gulags, as well as German-Soviet cooperation before 1941. Edvīns Šnore is the author of the script and the director, and was financed by a group of Members from the European Parliament.

This time, to make such a documentary, it must be a collective effort, preferably with the support of the American Congress and the European Union. Single examples, such as "Katyn" (2007) directed by Andrzej Wajda, show only a fragment of Russian crimes. Showing the full spectrum of crimes of Russian imperialism is the duty of all people of good will, including Russians from the Memorial, which Putin has dissolved, who want to oppose Putin's propaganda and nuclear blackmail.

A large part of the Russian diaspora in the United States, whose representatives work in important governmental, scientific and military institutions, like Patriarch Kirill, accuse the West of causing a war in Ukraine and support Putin. The departments of Slavic studies at most American universities are largely Russian, who promote Russia's imperialism by marginalizing other Slavic nations that have stood up against Russia. The Russians are present in other important international institutions, blocking any attempts to talk about Russia's historical crimes and Putin's crimes at every step.

The "military operation" in Ukraine to "liberate Ukrainians from the Nazi oppression of President Zelensky" is a reproduction of the same lie of 1920 and 1939 which was the liberation of the population from "Polish masters" and "fascists".

The reaction of the German Bundestag to the speech of the President of Ukraine, as opposed to the reaction of the American Congress, is a typical example of the "seduction of the Western elite" by Putin's propaganda, and that is what we must oppose. The voice of the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe must be heard.

If we want Yalta not to happen again, today we must begin to tell the truth about the crimes of Russian imperialism. Expose those who have manipulated history and media messages for years and promote those who told the truth but remained silent. If we dream of a new geopolitical project for the nations of Central and Eastern Europe, be it the Three Seas or Intermarium, it's time to act. Such a moment may not repeat itself for a long time. Time to create a narrative for the nations of Central and Eastern Europe.

Translated from Polish by Andrew Woźniewicz.

Were the fears of a large part of the Polish community, mainly from the East Coast, justified? The announcements of changes at Exchange Place were very radical. Polonia had a bad experience with the authorities of Jersey City a few years ago, when the monument was in danger of being moved...


"Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy " — is the title of a study by Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and his team at the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute at Yale University, which has just been published but hardly noticed by the mainstream media somehow.


Protecting historical landmarks symbolizing freedom and horrors of genocide should be above reproach. However, the Jersey City monument commemorating the 1940 Katyn massacre of 22,000 Polish POW officers held by the Soviet Army after its 1939 invasion of Poland was challenged and plans were made for its removal in May last year.

Seduced Elites
Waldemar Biniecki

Poland, together with the countries of NATO's eastern flank, must create a media narrative in order to jointly oppose the false propaganda of the Kremlin. We must finally reach the Western elite with our narrative and give ordinary Russians an objective account of missile attacks on hospitals, orphanages, nuclear reactors and the infrastructure that serves ordinary people.


The challenge needs to be faced now. Ukraine is seeing its cities bombed and its nuclear reactors set on fire. At the very least, it’s incumbent upon NATO to offer President Zelensky both arms and air cover to overcome the obstacles his country is facing. To fail to do so is to make a mockery of our own democratic traditions and hopes.