Holidays 2024 - the Most interesting Shows, Festivals, and Spectacles in Poland


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8-9 June

  • Krakow - Great Dragon Parade 2024 under the slogan: "Dragons of legends, fairy tales and novels" - a street event combined with an outdoor spectacle on the Vistula River. The final event is a competition for the most beautiful dragon and a dragon parade on the Main Square.

  • Wrocław - Midsummer's Fair - an annual event lasting from May 24 to June 30 at the market square at Pręgierz (The Pillory). The program includes culinary and floristic meetings, workshops and competitions.

  • Krakow – 7th Wodecki Twist Festival – an annual music festival inspired by the work of Zbigniew Wodecki and organized by the foundation named after him. Interpretations of the artist's hits performed by Natalia Kukulska, Anna Maria Jopek, Ania Rusowicz, Danuta Błażejczyk and the Polish-French duo BeMy.

  • Krakow - 6th Night of Dance - a dance event organized on June 8 on four outdoor stages: at Szczepański Square, at the "Dworek Białoprądnicki" Cultural Center, at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center and at the Podgórski Market Square.

  • Kraków - Nowa Huta Days - the festival will take place on June 8 near the Nowa Huta Cultural Center. Family picnic, shows, competitions and concerts in the evening. Performers: Marika, Maciej Maleńczuk and Bryska. Program:

14 -16 June

  • Poznań – Pyrkon 2024 – a three-day meeting of fantasy fans, attended by more than 50,000 people in 2023. 300 stands with fan paraphernalia and books, dozens of meetings with book authors, game, comic and RPG creators. Programme:

15-16 June

  • Kraków – Noc Teatrów 2024 [Theatre Night 2024] – a review of the season's most interesting plays, meetings and a tour of inaccessible theatrical nooks and crannies. Programme:

20 June

  • Krakow – "Obwarzanek" (braided ring-shaped bread) Day is an event at the Obwarzanek Living Museum organized on the model of the American Pretzel Day. Details at

20-27 June

  • Poznań – Matteo Bocelii's concert – 20 June marks the start of a Polish tour, during which the artist will also sing in Kraków (22 June), Poznań (25 June), Zabrze (26 June) and Wrocław (27 June).

22-23 June

  • Krakow – Wianki w Krakowie – an annual festival, organized for the first time as a two-day event on Czerwieński Boulevard. The program includes street events, concerts and an outdoor show on the Vistula River.

23 – 30 June

  • Kraków – 33. Jewish Culture Festival. This year's theme is the many facets of Jewish spirituality and mysticism. 15 concerts and dozens of workshops, including Yiddish song and music, oriental music and nigunim singing, and deep listening workshops. Many talks and meetings with artists. Programme at There will be no 'Shalom na Szerokiej' concert this year.

26-30 June

  • Stary Sącz – 46th Omnia Beneficia Festival (formerly Stary Sącz Early Music Festival) – the oldest Polish festival dedicated to early music and instruments. Concerts in churches, monasteries and galleries. Program:

27-30 June

  • Lublin - East of Culture - Different Sounds Art'n'Music Festival is a music festival organized on Błonia near the castle presenting the most interesting musical achievements at the intersection of genres, traditions and cultural influences. The concerts are accompanied by debates, workshops, exhibitions and film screenings. The "Different Little Sounds" program is prepared especially for children.

28-30 June

  • Warsaw – XXXI Festiwal Sztuka Ulicy [XXXI Street Art Festival] – shows and open-air events in several locations in the capital, including the Old Town. Programme:

29-30 June

  • Rabsztyn – 18th Knight's Tournament on the slopes of Krucza Skała. The program includes knightly fighting shows, archery tournaments, martial arts and alchemy demonstrations, as well as knightly cuisine and dances.

29 June – 1 September

  • Kraków – 29. Summer Jazz Festival Kraków – dozens of concerts and recitals by outstanding jazz performers from around the world. Performers will include Brad Mehldau, Christian Sands' trio, Stacey Kent's trio, Lizz Wright and José James and his band. Programme:

29 June

  • Wojnowice – 8th Knight's Tournament at the Castle on the Water for the Castellan's Bombarda. An archery tournament and a run of ladies and squires were also planned. The culmination of the event will be a reenactment of the legend of the Knight Tomir.

  • Wasilków – XI. The Tatar Culture Festival is an event promoting Tatar culture organized by representatives of this national minority. You will be able to admire dances and costumes, as well as take part in demonstrations of how to prepare Tatar dishes. Program:

  • Drohiczyn – Festiwal Wczesnego Średniowiecza „Rubieże” [Early Medieval Festival ‘Rubieże’] is a two-day historical event combining reenactment groups and warrior performances, accompanied by demonstrations of period crafts and music. Held on the banks of the Bug River at the foot of Castle Hill.

3-6 July

  • Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport – Open'er Festival 2024 is the biggest music festival in Poland and one of the top 20 festivals in Europe, attracting top stars and fans from all over the world. Performers include Dua Lipa, Alec Benjamin, Kim Gordon, Ice Spice and Apple Blossom. Details at

5-7 July

  • Krakow – 37th ULICA Street Theater Festival organized by the Krakow KTO theater with the participation of dozens of artists and theater groups from around the world, taking place in many places in the city at the same time. This year's edition is titled: Everything is Theater. Program:

  • Ogrodzieniec - 20th Barbarian Invasion - early medieval culture festival - annual outdoor event this year taking place under the slogan: "The Generation of the Sword". Shows, knights' tournaments, a medieval town with a fair.

  • Golub-Dobrzyń – 48. Wielki Międzynarodowy Turniej Rycerski na Zamku Golubskim [48th Grand International Knightly Tournament at Golub Castle] – knightly contests, equestrian stunts, historical re-enactments, living history lessons. Programme:

6-7 July

  • Stróże near Grzybów – 31st Biesiada at Bartnik – a beekeeping festival combined with a conference devoted to saving bees, with many accompanying events for children and adults. Program on the website:

  • Zator - Małopolska Carp Festival Zator 2024 - culinary competitions, Carp Town, great cooking of fish specialties, music concerts. The star of the event will be Sławomir. Program:

10-14 July

  • Grunwald - Grunwald Days 2024 and Reenactment of the Battle of Grunwald - the largest reconstruction event in Poland. In the days preceding the spectacle taking place on Saturday, July 13, there will be a knight fighting championship, a medieval ball tournament, workshops and concerts. Program:

11-14 July

  • Gdańsk – XXVI Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatrów Plenerowych i Ulicznych FETA [XXVI International Festival of Open-Air and Street Theatre FETA]. On the programme: street shows, outdoor performances, puppet shows, new circus and happenings. We will present valuable and diverse phenomena of street and open-air theatre, performed by artists from all over Europe. The theme of this year's show is fantasy. Programme:

12-14 July

  • Świekatowo - 1st Historical Picnic at Lake Świekatowo, camp, warrior fights, archery, medieval workshops, specialties, ancient cuisine dating back 1000 years.

13-20 July

  • Krakow - Court Dance Festival "Cracovia Danza" - a court dance festival bringing together artists, dance, music and theater groups, workshop participants, as well as dance theorists and historians from various countries. The main theme is: "Nature, gardens, parks, and court dance." Program:

14 July

  • Wygiełzów - ETNOmania Festival is an open event in the open-air museum - Museum of Western Małopolska, handicraft fair, performances of folklore groups. Program:

19-20 July

  • Malbork – Oblężenie Malborka [Siege of Marienburg] – this spectacular open-air event traditionally offers the experience and unforgettable emotions associated with the city's unique history, with battles between members of knightly brotherhoods and demonstrations of medieval life.

19-21 July

  • Łeba - Łeba Fish Festival organized at the Rybaka Square brings together the most interesting producers of local fish products and regional products.

  • Gdynia - Seaside Fair on the Southern Pier is a meeting of local handicraft and culinary creators organized for the second time.

27 July – 4 August

  • Małopolska – 61. Beskidy Highlanders’ Week of Culture – a celebration of folklore and folk art, dance, song and music. About 100 ensembles from Poland and abroad will take part. Events will take place in Wisła, Szczyrk, Żywiec, Maków Podhalański, Oświęcim, Ujsoły, Jabłonków and Istebna. Programme:

24-28 July

  • Szczecin – 15. Jacob's Fair refers to the medieval traditions of fairs, organized annually on the occasion of church holidays. This unique event combines tradition and modernity. Organized by the parish of the poviat. Saint James the Apostle.

27-28 July

  • Koronowo – Cystercian Festival with Koronowo Battle incensation – historical performances, medieval games for children, a re-enactment of the Battle of Koronowo against the Teutonic Knights, medieval fashion shows, a drill and dance show, a jousting tournament, demonstrations of old crafts and court games. There are also many stalls selling handicrafts and food.

1-3 August

  • Czaplinek-Broczyno – 30. Pol'and'Rock Festival (old Woodstock). Coma, Eney, Meute, Kasia Kowalska and Transgresja will perform.

1-4 August

  • Wolin – Festival of Slavs and Vikings – workshops of ancient crafts, performances of ancient music ensembles, regattas and cruises on reconstructed ancient boats, re-enactments of historical events, rituals and battles.

2-5 August

  • Świnoujście – The Tall Ships Races Świnoujście 2024 is the final stage of the Tall Ships Races regatta, in which dozens of sailing ships will take part. There will be a parade of the crews, it will be possible to visit the ships and feel the atmosphere of sailing. Programme:

9-11 August

  • Mrągowo – 29. Festiwal Kultury Kresowej [29. Borderland Culture Festival] – an event promoting Polish culture known to Polonia and Kresowiaks, dedicated to families and children. Performances by bands and song and dance groups from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and the Czech Republic. Exhibitions of art, photography, handicrafts, poetry evenings, fairs and tastings of food from the borderlands.

10-11 August

  • Ogrodzieniec – 3. Baloniada is a series of events dedicated to aviation and flying: simulators, an aeronautical exhibition, a model aircraft exhibition, lectures on ballooning, and night ballooning. Programme:

16-18 August

  • Trzcinica - Carpathian Archaeological Festival Two Faces takes place in the Carpathian Troja Archaeological Open-Air Museum and is based on historical reconstruction and experimental archeology related to the Bronze Age and the Early Middle Ages. Program:

17-18 August

  • Grzybowo - 11th Grzybowski Tournament of Warriors "CRAFT" is a reconstruction event, a meeting of history and modernity in a thousand-year-old town. Program:

23-26 August

  • Gdańsk - Baltic Sail 2024 is one of the largest cyclical sailing events in Poland during which you can take part in sailing cruises on the Bay of Gdańsk. Program:

24-25 August

Translation from Polish by Andrew Woźniewicz.


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