Poland Among the Most Frequently Recommended Travel Destinations in 2024

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At the threshold of the new year, more prestigious portals and magazines share their recommendations on which places in the world are worth visiting. Poland consistently ranks among the top recommended destinations. Experts appreciate not only the landscapes and good connections, but also our prices.

Warsaw, 2022 (Source: Wikipedia)

The "Best in Travel 2024" category of the world-famous American portal Lonely Planet includes the best countries, cities, regions, sustainable travel destinations and the best value for money. Poland opens the ranking in this last category. Experts and tourists themselves believe that it is in Poland that profitability, i.e. the price-quality ratio, is the most favorable. The justification noted that Poland is "one of the most affordable destinations in Europe" offering services at a very high level, not only in cities famous for tourism, but also in rural areas and off the beaten path. The Carpathians were identified as the most interesting and worth seeing places. Right behind Poland on the podium were the US Midwest and Nicaragua.

Since the end of the pandemic, interest in Poland has clearly increased. A clear improvement in the economic situation is indicated by incomplete data on the number of foreign tourists from 2023. In the first half of the year, our country was visited by over 16 million people, which is an increase of over 7% compared to 2022. Recreation organizers in Poland estimate that in the second half of the year there were significantly more visitors and visitors increasingly appreciate our mountains, e.g. Zakopane, as well as the Polish coast, which is becoming a pleasant alternative to hot southern Europe.

Interest in Poland is also visible in the reports of companies offering cheap flights. According to Kiwi.com data, Poland is among the countries that Europeans are interested in. In the ranking we are ahead of countries such as Portugal and Greece. Our country also ranks high, 11th in the world ranking. The competition on this list is huge, because it includes such tourist hits as Thailand and Italy.

Lake Morskie Oko in the Tatra Mountains (Source: Wikipedia)

Search engine analysts are observing a new trend - tourists are planning their holidays much faster than in previous years. Tickets are purchased several months in advance and tourists plan to stay in a given place slightly longer than in previous years. Over 40 percent who buy airline tickets intend to spend more than 4 days on vacation. There are also more and more people who plan to rest in a given place from 11 days to a month. The rest prefer short trips, lasting up to three days, to well-known tourist cities.

According to the Daily Mail's ranking published at the end of December 2023, Krakow was once again at the top of the list of British weekend trips, ahead of, among others, Paris, Vienna or Berlin. A surprise in this ranking is the high position of "Polish Venice", as Bydgoszcz is called on the islands. The tourism revival in this city and the entire region is evidenced by the record number of searches for air connections, which is 300% higher year-on-year. Polish accents are also included in the annual travel recommendation of the online platform Tripadvisor. Krakow ranks high among the recommended cities.

According to the American daily The Street, many more Americans who appreciate our climate and tourist attractions have holiday plans related to Poland and other countries in our part of Europe. For this reason, the largest American airlines announce an increase in the number of connections to Europe.

At the beginning of 2024, information about Poles' travel interests was also published. The report shows that our compatriots will be eager to visit Rome, Barcelona and Milan.