The Tremendous Potential of the Polish Community Abroad, i.e. All Quiet in Warsaw...

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September and October are favorable for debates about the future of Poland. On October 9-10, the 10th Congress Poland Great Project was held. The "great right-wing conference" took place on October 15-16 a cultural clash in the EU organized by MEP Patryk Jaki. There was also a debate in the channels of national media and Television wRealu, entitled "What about this Poland?" The most important election campaign in the history of the world is taking place in the USA, the result of which will define the reality in which we live. Will it be a leftist-liberal world or will it still be a world of conservative values? Last Sunday we had many examples of how liberal-leftist groups are prepared to act. In many places around the world, Polish churches and consulates have become the target of an organized attack by activists of this option. Many places of worship were disturbed and many religious symbols were devastated. If Biden wins, we have to realize that the US policy for Poland may change suddenly. Dr. Łucja Świątkowska-Cannon, specialist in the field of international relations, economics, consultant and political advisor, author of many publications, also in the pages of the American Kuryer Polski, writes about it. And no changes in Warsaw.... Not even a word in all these wise conferences about building pro-Polish lobbying in strategically important countries for Poland. Nobody spoke even one word about the "enormous potential of the Polish community." The only group that Minister Dziedziczak took care of during the Economic Forum, which took place in September in Karpacz, is the Polish Diaspora Forum (Forum Polonijne), which still has the same heroes with messages from 2015. On the panels you can see the cream of Polish state-owned companies, and mostly fantastic PR ideas how Polonia is to be included in their activities. It is mostly a Forum about the Polish diaspora, because there are no Polish panelists there. In the report from the Forum, we read: "The participants outlined the current situation of the Polish community and discussed how to use its huge potential." and “After 30 years, the issue of cooperation with the Polish diaspora has not been regulated and is failing. Organizing the issues and mapping the specific needs of the Polish community and Poles with specific ideas of State-run companies is a good idea. The Ministry of State Assets and Prime Minister Jacek Sasin is absolutely open to professional mapping and coordination of cooperation with the Polish community and Poles." Bravo. It is a pity that such phrases are often expressed by the same respondents while those who would have something specific to propose are sitting in the audience, or - as this year - they are not there at all. The notion of "saviors of the Polish nation", i.e. the Confederation, is not the best, as it also has no idea how to "use the enormous potential of the Polish community abroad". In fact, neither the Polish media nor state institutions have even a vague idea of ​​who is who and who to talk to in, for example, America. And editors interviewing US correspondents who talk a lot and fast, yet make no sense still struggle to tell the hour due to the average 7-hour time difference. I was invited for an appointment at 3 am myself - I refused. Personally, I have some bad feelings when reading "How to take advantage of... Polish Diaspora", I have a bad feeling about it. I know what the "Blue Army" syndrome is all about. I would like to remind you that every year hundreds of our Polish children, who speak Polish and English, leave American universities, but they do not end up in the Polish bloodstream. The Polish community abroad was and is a Polish piggy bank. According to the World Bank, the USD 900 million go to Poland every year. The money of the Polish community is used to finance various projects and visits of "true patriots" who, since 2015, repeat the same phrases to us, diagnose the same situations and tell the Polish community what it should do. The present "saving the Polish diaspora" according to the ideas of some Polish politicians and journalists is just a further breaking up of the Polish diaspora, which at this point is undergoing its worst phase. In the USA itself there are groups that support President Duda, the clubs of Gazeta Polska, Prime Minister Morawiecki, Minister Macierewicz, the Confederation, President Potocki, the Polish king, but I do not remember his name, then several liberal-leftist centers, KOD, President Szpula and his democrats, the democrats themselves, President Trump, President Jeśman, the "conscience of the Polish community" - Witold Rosowski and others. There is also Ms. Władzia from Chicago. There are also those who are waiting for guidelines from Warsaw. There are those whom Warsaw accepts and there are also those whom Warsaw considers persona non grata. There is Polish diplomacy, most of which represents the Geremek option, and there is a large number of educated, conservative and liberal free electrons who do not see the point in having a warehouse worker lead them. There are those who are looking for "Who stole the kishka" and those who, in the absence of a specific programming offer, do not want to do anything. The whole thing is completed through the absence of any leader. In fact, after the death and media destruction of President Edward Moskal by some Polish diplomats, the Polish community does not have a clear leader. It is a pity that after losing to the Senate of the Republic of Poland, prof. Marek Rudnicki was not worked with and he was not promoted to the leader of the Polish community. There is still such a chance but it would take serious ideas because he's a serious man. The process of disintegration of the Polish diaspora is progressing and as I wrote in Tygodnik Solidarność, in three years' time there may not be a conservative Polish diaspora. There may also be no message of importance for the ruling party: "and PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, Law and Justice) won in Chicago." As a conservative, I believe in a Trump win, but as a realistic man I also consider an alternative. What will happen to Poland if Biden wins, the most left-wing Vice-President in US history will one day take over his position? This question should be the subject of a debate in Poland with the participation of leading leaders of the Polish community.

Photo: Mściciel (The Avenger) by Andrzej Pityński.