Does History Repeat Itself?

Correspondence from Ukraine

A great number of politicians and observers report a high probability of a significant escalation of military aggression from Russia towards Ukraine.

Various scenarios are presented, including the widely discussed scenario of a full-scale military operation with the occupation of large parts of Ukraine, or the entire country. This scenario is actively discussed among Western politicians and experts. Sometimes there is talk of the perspective of the coming weeks, and sometimes even days.

Location of Zhytomyr on the map of Ukraine (Source: Wikipedia)

A wave of false reports of the finding of various suspicious items has increased in Ukraine. In Zhytomyr, since the beginning of 2022, the police have repeatedly received false reports about mines in shopping malls, as well as in schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. Parents of preschoolers and students received a message warning them of a possible evacuation, and even with a request to join the security of the facility.

City Hall in Zhytomir (Source: Wikipedia)

The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection is investigating a cyber attack on Ukrainian government websites on the night of January 13-14. The hacker attack that prevented the operation of government websites in Ukraine is part of a hybrid war. "The attack is a striking example of an informational and psychological operation," noted Oleg Derevyanko, chairman of the ISSP board of directors.

There are fears of Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has been going on for 8 years and people have got used to the state of emergency. The residents of Zhytomyr do not panic. There was an increased withdrawal of cash at ATMs, while there were no shortages of products in stores.

Everyone is afraid of aggression. We remember well the year 2014, when the city carried the coffins with the bodies of our military, "kibergs" from the 95th military brigade.

The author (right) receives a prize from the Zhytomir City Council (Source: Facebook)

The recent visit of the Polish prime minister to Ukraine, the great support of the USA, England, Poland and other NATO member states, as well as leading world politicians, shows that Ukraine is strongly supported. And this gives us hope that we will not be left alone as in 1920 or 2014, or that history repeats itself...

Translation from Polish by Andrew Wo┼║niewicz.