What Will Mark Brzezinski Do?

Everything indicates that, for the first time in the history of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States, the function of the US ambassador to Warsaw will be assumed by an American lawyer and diplomat of Polish origin, Mark Brzeziński.

Source: Wikipedia

He is the son of one of the greatest American strategists and advisers to American presidents, Prof. Zbigniew Brzeziński and the grandson of the Polish diplomat Tadeusz Brzeziński. Mark Brzeziński participated in the Fulbright program in Poland as an excellent Polish speaker. He defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Struggle for the Constitutionalism in Poland" at the University of Oxford.

Natalia Łopatniuk is his second wife. Natalia is a journalist and comes from a Polish-Ukrainian family from Chicago.

Mark Brzeziński is closely aligned, like most of his family, with the Democrats. He was an advisor on Eastern Europe in the Bill Clinton administration and during the 2008 election campaign, he was an advisor to Barack Obama. After his swearing in as president, he was considered a candidate for the US ambassador to Poland. However, in October 2011 he was appointed the US ambassador to Sweden until 2015.

Mark Brzeziński has excellent qualifications to represent US policy in Poland. The State Department demonstrated its professionalism by sending to Poland neither a supporter of ethnic groups, nor a friend of the president. Which does not mean that Mark Brzeziński will not represent the liberal policy of the current president. It is therefore worthwhile to properly prepare for this term of office of the American ambassador with Polish roots, because Mark Brzeziński will be the appropriate communication channel with the Biden administration. There have never been such complicated relations with respect to, for example, TVN TV or the implementation of the American Act 447.

It must be remembered that Mark Brzeziński has behind him a liberal, family program called "Morning Joe", which is watched by over 1.5 million people every day. Joe Scarborough - former Republican and his second wife Mika Brzeziński, Mark's sister - the main hosts of this program, have already started the first reports of this event, which is the appointment of Mark Brzeziński as ambassador in Warsaw. It is therefore a great opportunity to conduct an appropriate information policy in order to improve the image of Poland in the world.

Maybe it is worth showing the visits of the new ambassador in the village of Markowa, maybe it is worth going to Wieluń and other places that became famous as "LGBT-free zones". It is worth investing in such a policy, the more so that the Polish diaspora in the United States will also closely follow such events.

This is an important signal for the Polish diaspora in America. For the first time in the history of Polish American relations, their representative is the official delegate in the country of their ancestors. There are many young Americans of Polish descent who are waiting for the right signals from the Polish government: programs, business opportunities, academic exchanges. For millions of Americans, the image of Poland is still unclear. Liberal media shows only negative examples. American military wives keep asking if Poland is a country where you can pay with a credit card... It doesn't have to be that way.

Let's get ready for the new campaign promoting safe Poland. Maybe it can be done with the new ambassador?

The article was initially published in «Tygodnik Solidarność» («Solidarity Weekly»).

Brzezinski was considered a hawk by the Democrats, and a dove by the Republicans of the 1980s. His position certainly cannot be assessed unequivocally. He was a child of his era, dominated by the Cold War conflict, but he was able to significantly anticipate it.


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