Let's Build Strength, Let's Build the Three Seas

Everything indicates that the Biden administration has a long way to go to persuade Western Europe to follow Atlantic values ​​and play together as a team to weaken China's position. Chancellor Merkel's visit to Washington did not bring any breakthroughs and, what is worse, revealed other strategic differences between Germany and the USA, especially in terms of understanding the problem of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The Germans, with Angela Merkel's arrogant face, cynically see this project as [purely] an economic project, and Biden links this problem with the security of Eastern Europe and the NATO eastern flank. So, with his characteristic smile, the President, Biden charmed the "golden lady", as editor Michalkiewicz calls her, during her last stay in Washington. On the way, there was an honorary doctorate, then breakfast with Kamala Harris, and then a high-level dinner.

It is worth paying attention to the new treatment of the press and the methods of obtaining accreditation. Only the trusted ones have the right to enter conferences, which does not mean that they will be able to ask any questions. In spite of these new procedures, one of those trusted ones suddenly shot up anyway, asking: what is President Biden going to do with the anti-communist revolution in Cuba? This is not a convenient topic for Democrats, especially progressives. They don't like NO COMUNISMO very much.

But let's get back to our heroes. The Biden administration seems to have to wait for the new chancellor to continue this charming. It is also worth noting the facts. One must be insane to propose that the Germans take over the Three Seas Initiative, and to abandon the sanctions against the Nord Stream as a present to Putin. This is not a negotiations, but gift-giving.

The Pentagon still remembers Germany's refusal to participate in the Iraqi coalition. This can happen now with the new global opponent, China. It is worth recalling the essence of the Truman doctrine in relation to Germany and Russia, which can be briefly characterized as keeping Germany on a short leash, and Russia away from Europe.

It is a pity that Trump lacked finesse in "his diplomacy". Now we have to start this whole intricate game from the beginning. The purchase of Turkish drones and 250 Abrams seems to be a great step, but in the absence of basic tools such as the English-language media and assertive diplomatic activity, it is a step that global mainstream media will not deal with, because it is in their interest to minimize Poland and put it on the wrong side of history. The only logical step is to build the real strength of Poland as a leader of the Three Seas Initiative, to establish its secretariat not in Berlin but in one of the Three Seas countries, and to promote this project.

I have a lot of information reaching me from American academic, media, and political centers that the knowledge of the Three Seas Initiative is practically non-existent outside of Washington. Therefore, we must talk about the Three Seas Initiative, but we must do so in global languages, especially English. It is also important to show Americans that the Three Seas region is the last stronghold in the world where the sentiment towards America is still friendly. It is a pity that the ideologized elite gathered around the State Department simply wreck this state of affairs. All hope is in the Pentagon military.

The text originally appeared in Tygodnik Solidarność (Solidarity Weekly).

Before the countries of Central and Eastern Europe — and maybe even more broadly, including the Scandinavian countries, and some countries of southern Europe, all the way to Turkey — in connection with the ongoing war in Ukraine, there is a window of opportunity to create a geopolitical project, the idea of ​​which has been alive since the times of Marshal Piłsudski.

To See the Intermarium
Waldemar Biniecki

Let us remember, that we are a border country and anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense is also important, which we must strive for today, now. Poland still has an extraordinary leadership role to play, showing that to survive as sovereign entities in Central or Eastern Europe, new federalist ideas are needed.


A discussion about the US-Russia summit in Geneva swept the world. Putin has strengthened his position wherever his policies are supported, and Biden, with his liberal-democratic lineage promoting democracy and human rights, presented himself as a man holding an olive branch with an already wobbling hand.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO ) is a military treaty established on August 24, 1949. The purpose of NATO at the time of its creation was military defense against attack by the USSR and its satellite states.


Although most people still haven’t heard of it, the Three Seas Initiative is the most significant political and economic policy initiative to emerge in Central and Eastern Europe since the enlargement of the EU and NATO. It's an international economic and political initiative that currently brings together twelve countries of the European Union located between the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic seas.