Our Mission and Goals

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Kuryer Polski is a continuation of the glorious, over 70-year-old tradition of the first Polish newspaper in America with this name, published in Milwaukee until 1962, reactivated as an internet portal in 2020.

Kuryer Polski is a bilingual - Polish-English - internet portal. The main goal of the portal is to promote Polish identity in the Polish-American community in the United States and to represent Polish interests in the United States by reactivating the great history of the American Polonia, providing Americans with objective news about Poland, Poles, Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, and developing business contacts between Poland, the United States, the European Union and the Three Seas countries. Like the original Kuryer, the portal is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Mission of Kuryer Polski

Building the Polish community, promoting Polish interests not only to Americans of Polish origin, but also to the average American; promoting Poles and citizens of Polish origin from various countries by encouraging them to actively participate in the social, political and economic life of their country of residence; connecting the potential of the Polish diaspora with that of Poles in the home country.

The mission of Kuryer Polski is carried out through journalistic, journalistic, educational and publishing activities.

Our goals

In our activity, we set ourselves the following goals:

  • Building a global Polish community, combining its potential with Poles in Poland.
  • Promoting the Polish language and bilingualism as an important element of national and cultural identity.
  • Promoting cooperation between Poland and the United States and other countries, in particular with the countries of the European Union and the Three Seas Initiative.
  • Promotion of Poles and citizens of various countries of Polish origin by encouraging them to actively participate in the social, political and economic life of the country of residence.
  • Inspiring effective, joint action of the Polish community and Poles in Poland.
  • Documenting Polish and Polish world history by making films and creating media presentations.
  • As a nation, being a victim and fighting against the greatest totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century, which were Soviet communism and German fascism, we tell the world about these events and try to prevent them from reoccurring.
  • Preparation and publication of reports and analyzes on topics related to the implementation of our mission.
  • Organizing conferences, debates, training sessions, seminars, thematic workshops in cooperation with universities and other organizations in Poland and around the world.
  • Supporting the Polish Economic Community, i.e. promoting economic events aimed at establishing economic cooperation between the companies of the Polish Diaspora and Poles abroad and companies of Polish capital at home and abroad.
  • Promoting the history of the Polish community and Poles in the world of distinguished people of culture, art, science, sport, military and important historical anniversaries important in international relations.
  • Work on shaping the effective Polonia-Country communication line.

Our Values

  • We rely on over a thousand years of Polish culture and history and its Christian foundations. We are particularly close to the teachings of the Polish Pope John Paul II and the Cardinal of the 1000th Anniversary of Stefan Wyszyński.
  • We are open to international cooperation, in particular with representatives of the European Union and countries of the so-called Three Seas.
  • We want to promote openness and transparency of social life, realized through open and honest communication.
  • We want to build a worldwide community of Poles.
  • Always looking for what unites us and not divides us, we want to refer to objective facts, search for historical truth, and avoid opinions and generalizations unsupported by specifics and documents.
  • We are independent, we strive to be objective and invite everyone to participate in the dialogue.

The Story of Kuryer Polski
Waldemar Biniecki

The original Kuryer Polski was the first Polish daily newspaper printed in the United States. Its founder was Michał Kruszka who published the newspaper in June 1888 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.