John Smallshaw


Savannah, Georgia

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in the suburb of Wauwatosa. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications, he embarked on a 40 year career in International Sales.

His career took him to Mexico, Europe and Asia and during the course of his travels he learned to speak Spanish, German, French and basic Mandarin. He lived as an expatriate for eight years in Europe and five years in Singapore.

He met his future wife Anna while working in Chicago. Born and raised in Poland, Anna had emigrated to the United States during the period of Martial Law in Poland in 1981.

While visiting John’s parents in Wisconsin, John’s father took them to see the beautiful mosaic of Our Lady Of Czestochowa on the side of St. Stanislaus Church. It was from this experience that the idea of a book was, and it would turn out that Polish immigrants built 19 churches in the city of Milwaukee alone during a sixty year period.

John and Anna were married and have retired in Savannah, Georgia but still have close friends in the Milwaukee area.

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