Archives: May 2024

Understanding this historic and unwavering Russian expansionist commitment should help us formulate a winning strategy for stopping them in Ukraine today, the strategy that is missing in our debates. Believing that we can appease Russians with anything is a mistake. They consider any appeasement a sign of weakness, and it motivates them to continue their conquest.

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The Polish Zloty Is Already 100 Years Old
Katarzyna Murawska, 5/12/2024

Currently, Poland faces the dilemma of adopting the common EU currency, the euro. Let's wish the Polish zloty, which has successfully survived 100 years, many more centuries to come.

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The Confidence in Poland
Waldemar Biniecki, 5/12/2024

Here, overseas, we often wonder whether Poland, in its current complicated geopolitical situation, will emerge from it without engaging in direct hostilities until it is attacked; whether it will be able to build the position of a strong and serious state with a professional army, services, diplomacy, and an efficient, rapidly developing business.

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