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The Scar of Katyn
Karol Nawrocki, 4/24/2024

In the spring of 1940, the Soviets killed the flower of the Polish intelligentsia without a judicial verdict. Today, the Russian authorities would like to see this crime as a common crime that is subject to a statute of limitations.

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During the partitions and captivity, Poles in exile not only constituted the country's intellectual base, but also preserved Polishness for the reborn Poland and modern generations.

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Whoever Is Not with Them Is a Fascist
Karol Nawrocki, 4/24/2024

The authorities of the Russian Federation consistently lie about the past in order to find justification for their current aggressive policy. Poland is key in this hoax.

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The Katyn massacre is one of the most cruel acts of war terror that Poland experienced during World War II.

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On 12 March 1999, Poland, alongside the Czech Republic and Hungary, officially became a member of NATO.

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In the dynamic religious landscape of the United States, the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) emerges as a unique denomination that has extended its reach far beyond its original Polish immigrant constituency.

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At the threshold of the new year, more prestigious portals and magazines share their recommendations on which places in the world are worth visiting. Poland consistently ranks among the top recommended destinations. Experts appreciate not only the landscapes and good connections, but also our prices.

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Limiting the core curriculum in the field of national identity is a disgrace and a way of social engineering, which is supposed to create a new man, smiling, but deprived of the cultural code that has held this nation together for a thousand years. We cannot afford to lose this most important part of Polish society - the future elites of the Republic of Poland.

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Waldemar Biniecki, 4/13/2024

Let's look a little deeper into what the Heritage Foundation does now? The answer to this question is simple and can be found in a laconic slogan: "Project 2025".

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It is difficult to find Huta Pieniacka on a map today, there are no local signposts leading to it, and in Wikipedia, we can read: "a village in Ukraine, which does not exist today."

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