Archives: May 2023

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Hey (Fly) White Eagle!
Waldemar Biniecki, 5/13/2023

In 1917, Jan Ignacy Paderewski composed and wrote the words of the song Hej, Orle Biały! The song was to be the battle anthem of the Polish Army in France, known as the Blue Army. On the New York first edition of the song from 1918, the composer ordered a note reading: "all proceeds from the sale of this anthem are intended for national purposes".

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After inflicting unprecedented death and destruction on Poland and its people during World War II, Germany arrogantly spurns Poland’s demand for reparations.

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I am responding to the interview with Mr. John Radzilowski in the January issue of your newspaper. I do not know him, never had any conversation with him, but somehow he had it right.

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Monasteries of Rescue
Polish Nuns Saving Jews
Alina Petrowa-Wasilewicz, 5/2/2023

Despite the threat of loss of life and the destruction of their works, over two thousand nuns during the German occupation of Poland became involved in saving Jewish fellow citizens. The sisters gave them food, medicines, and sheltered them. They risked it because the Gospel and the sense of universal solidarity dictated it.

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Polish consulates in the United States encourage you to support the efforts of Arkadiusz Mularczyk, MP and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, who held a series of meetings with senators and congressmen in the US Congress. The purpose of these meetings was to obtain support in two aspects: assistance for Ukraine and assistance of the United States to support Polish claims for German reparations for Poland.

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This work appeared in connection with the centennial of Poland’s rebirth as an independent state in 2018. Its focus is Poland-United States diplomatic relations. Several highly respected individuals contributed to it.

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