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Milwaukee’s Grochowski Family
Brendon Baillod, 4/30/2022

On Tuesday, March 10, 1891, sixteen-year-old Michal Grochowski stepped aboard the steamship SS America at Bremerhaven (Bremen), Germany. Michal had never seen a ship in person, nor had he ever laid eyes on the ocean. He had spent his entire life in the farmsteads of rural Łobżenica, Poland, about 40 miles west of present-day Bydgoszcz.

The Constitution of May 3rd
Katarzyna Murawska, 4/30/2022

The first constitution of the modern world was the United States Constitution, which entered into force on March 4, 1789. The second, and the first in Europe, was the Polish Basic Law announced on May 3, 1791 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, today known as the Constitution of May 3. This piece of legislation — and its consequences — have a complicated but noteworthy history.

The May 3 Constitution Day celebration will be held on Monday, May 2, 2022 at the Polish Center of Wisconsin.

All the Colors of Scholz
Maria Legieć, 4/25/2022

There is no unanimity in Berlin in the matter of helping the fighting Ukraine, especially when it comes to providing the so-called "heavy weapons". Let us recall that the most important figure in German politics, i.e. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said two days after Russia's attack on Ukraine: "February 24, 2022 is a turning point in the history of our continent."

Orbán Survives
Konrad Tademar Wilk, 4/24/2022

Throughout the 20th century, a Socialist voter was usually from the working class, from the lower class and, in cases of Eastern Europe, from the Peasants Parties (those peasants who had no land) — These are exactly the kind of people who support Orbán. The uneducated, the under-educated, the poor, the lower class and the peasants. All of Orbán’s policies are in fact Socialist.

To See the Intermarium
Waldemar Biniecki, 4/17/2022

Let us remember, that we are a border country and anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense is also important, which we must strive for today, now. Poland still has an extraordinary leadership role to play, showing that to survive as sovereign entities in Central or Eastern Europe, new federalist ideas are needed.


Easter is considered the greatest Christian holiday. At this time, the greatest sacrifice for our salvation is celebrated in the form of the crucified body of Jesus Christ. It has been a solemn holiday for a long time, and Poland is one of the countries where it is remembered in a special way.


We live at the time when great and true heroes need to be rediscovered and remembered. Their deeds, attitudes and beliefs must be brought to light, and their suffering and persecution should be rewarded with our admiration after all the years. Captain Witold Pilecki is one of the greatest heroes of Poland, Europe, and the entire free world in the 20th century.

The Fourth Russia
Waldemar Biniecki, 4/12/2022

According to more recent research from 2020, 24.6 percent of Russia's population of 36 million had incomes below the national average. This means that a quarter of Russia's population can be classified as low-income, which, according to international methodology, means that they are at risk of poverty

Putin's Narrative
Maria Legieć, 4/11/2022

Putin's historical narrative is, in fact, an apotheosis of the Stalinist-Soviet story of World War II, ignoring ethnic purges, murders of Polish officers, NKVD barrage troops shooting at anyone who would just think of taking a step back. There is no looting, no mass robbery or rapes of women, no liquidation of the opposition. The purpose of this narrative is one: to purge the Soviet Union and its state leadership — headed by Stalin — of the charges of collaborating with Hitler and of jointly provoking a global conflict.

From a Basket, to «Święconka»
Ewa Michałowska-Walkiewicz, 4/11/2022

Wicker is nothing more than young shoots of several species of willow, which are used in braiding. This name is also the common name for the purple willow, known as a braid, basket, or weaving. The greatest number of wicker braids was made in former Poland around Easter. Therefore, in Poland, basketry is often called an Easter activity.


The idea of ​​establishing the Center was born in 2011 by the Germans during the "round table" session on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the "Treaty between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany on good neighborhood and friendly cooperation" of June 17, 1991. It was described as "a form of compensation for the harm done to Poles living in Germany before the outbreak of World War II by the Nazis."


On February 24, 2022, Russian troops entered Ukraine. The war which, according to intelligence analysts from the USA, Germany and France, was to last 4-5 days and end with the occupation of Ukraine and the complete subordination of Ukraine by Russia, and perhaps even the erasure of the name Ukraine from the map of Europe, began.

Children of the Dictators... Hush!
Waldemar Biniecki, 4/7/2022

Children of dictators and their education is the subject of interesting studies and books showing the hypocrisy and cynicism of dictators, various world warlords, and their close associates who, criticizing the West, invest in their children, providing them with education, security and a prosperous life in the West.

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