Archives: August 2021

St. Cyril and Methodius, commonly known as the Polish Seminary, was founded in 1885 in Detroit, Michigan. In 1909, due to better housing conditions, it was moved to the nearby Orchard Lake, where it exists today. The creation of this seminary is connected with the mass economic emigration of Poles to the United States.

What Will Mark Brzezinski Do?
Waldemar Biniecki, 8/25/2021

Everything indicates that, for the first time in the history of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States, the function of the US ambassador to Warsaw will be assumed by an American lawyer and diplomat of Polish origin, Mark Brzeziński.

Geopolitical Mistakes
Waldemar Biniecki, 8/9/2021

The US administration announced the lifting of sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which is a breach of the double sanctions voted on by the American Congress with the support of Republicans and some Democrats. Nord Stream 2, like Nord Steam 1, is a geopolitical project that significantly affects international and European security, further dividing Europe into two parts.

Turkish Drones for Poland
Andrzej (Andrew) Woźniewicz, 8/1/2021

A few months ago, the word spread around the world, which reportedly surprised even the insiders: Poland and Turkey signed a contract for the supply of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat drones for the Polish army.


Everything indicates that the Biden administration has a long way to go to persuade Western Europe to follow Atlantic values ​​and play together as a team to weaken China's position. Chancellor Merkel's visit to Washington did not bring any breakthroughs and, what is worse, revealed other strategic differences between Germany and the USA, especially in terms of understanding the problem of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Memories of the Warsaw Uprising
Katarzyna Murawska, 8/1/2021

On August 1, sirens will sound at 5 p.m. Warsaw time, the buzz of conversations will be silent, and the traffic will freeze for a minute. Poles will pay tribute to the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising.