Archives: July 2021

In today's interview, Kuryer Polski hosts Ryszard Jankowiak, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Ancillary Distinguished Professor of Physics of Kansas State University.

Putin's Cynicism and Biden's Naivety
Waldemar Biniecki, 7/8/2021

A discussion about the US-Russia summit in Geneva swept the world. Putin has strengthened his position wherever his policies are supported, and Biden, with his liberal-democratic lineage promoting democracy and human rights, presented himself as a man holding an olive branch with an already wobbling hand.

Edward Moskal
Presidents of the Polish American Congress
Prof. Emeritus Donald Pienkos, 7/7/2021

Chicago’s Edward J. Moskal was born May 21, 1924, the son of immigrants. High school educated and a World War II veteran, he was the proprietor of a successful business at the time of his election in 1967 to serve as treasurer of the Polish National Alliance. At that convention Charles Rozmarek was defeated by Aloysius Mazewski for the PNA presidency. Moskal went on to win election six times before becoming president in October 1988 in a special election following Mazewski’s death. That November he was elected president of the Polish American Congress, an office he held until his death on March 20th, 2005.

In Memory of Pani Ada Dziewanowska
Katarzyna Murawska, 7/7/2021

On July 3, we received the sad news about the passing of Pani Ada Dziewanowska.

To Understand Russia
Ewa Thompson, 7/5/2021

The book of prof. Ewa Thompson goes beyond the boundaries of previous research on the phenomenon of yuródivy (юродивый). The researcher confronts the portrait of the saint madman preserved by literature and hagiography with the social and political context of their activities in pre-revolutionary Russia. Thompson argues with the view that the phenomenon of God's madness, booming in Rus and later in Russia until the time of the October Revolution, grew unequivocally out of Christianity.